What is EPG?

An electronic program guide (EPG) is an application used with digital set-top boxes (satellite, cable, internet, phones, OTT boxes) and newer television sets to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel and a short summary or commentary for each program. EPG is the electronic equivalent of a printed television program guide.

Who does this EPG?

The team at www.jsat.tv in Bangkok Thailand headed by Anne and her team who have hosted this service for over three years now totally free of charge and update all ten (10) guides and eight (8) FTV Guides daily with three (3) days data and put it here free of charge for all users.

What EPG do you do now ?

1. UK Freeview
2. New Zealand Freeview
3. Australian FTA TV
4. FTV All
5. FTV Basic
6. UK Sky Go
7. USTVNow
8. US/UK (Basic)
9. Germany
10. Ireland
11. Mix TV EPG for Stalker 5.x IPTV backends

Why is this EPG free?

All services on your media centers should be free and this EPG data like the software is free and open source for all to enjoy.

Do you do adhoc data grabs?

Yes we do and you need to talk to the team about arranging this for you at www.jsat.tv . We can cater for simple one off (adhoc) to multiple group EPG grabs for you.

Learn more here:The EPG Wikipedia

If you really like what we do here then please feel free to donate 1.50 for an icecream to Anne and her team via paypal.

Number of Donations
You do not have to do this as it is a donation (nothing bad will happen if you do not donate) and really does buy icecreams for Annes team.